Need return pump help fast!


My return pump just went out- it came with my reef tank used and I can't find that same brand anywhere... it's a Beauty brand and "CAP-2200 Volt:115/60 Hz t/hr: 2200 Watt: 33W"
What would be a suitable replacement??? I would like to buy one and get next day delivery as I don't want my reef going too long without the benefit of my sump... I have a big pump in the tank for circulating the water but still... I gotta get this return pump back in action asap. Tank is 75 gallon sump is probably 20 gallon... from the sump to the tank is probably 3 feet or so... tank is on a standard sized stand.
Please HELP!!


I am not sure what that pump is rated for, but I would suggest something like a mag drive 7 or a mag drive 9.5. I run a mag 9 as a return pump for my sump on a 75 gal. and it works HTH.


Also might want to look at a Quiet One 4000 or the 400HH. Either one would work fine and not be as large as the Mag's.