need some help


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Thank you for taking the time to help me. I have a 30 gallon saltwater tank. Ive had it for about a year and a half. Everything has been going real smooth until today I noticed my flame angel breathing heavy. I checked all parameters, nitrite and ammonia were both 0. PH was 8.3. Salinity was 1.26. The tank is 80 degrees. I have noticed he likes to swim in the bubbles coming from my protein skimmer. Is him breathing heavy an oxygen issue? Should I invest in a powerhead


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If you haven’t added any new fish in the last few weeks it could maybe be oxygen levels, increase circulation and make sure your tank isn’t covered. As the temp goes up less O2 can dissolve in water, this is why there are some times fish die offs in lakes during hot summer months. at 80 it is a bit higher than ideal, 76 would be better.