Neglected tank for 2 years. Please help!!!


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Hello. I have had my tank for 20 years. 54 gallon corner tank. Currently 2 fish - maroon clown (6-8 years old) and Picasso trigger (2 years old). During the past 2 years, unfortunately I have neglected my tank. I have green hairy algae EVERYWHERE. Are the rocks save-able? Are they worth saving? I probably have 100lbs of rock. I have 60lbs of black sand as well. I know i will have to relocate the fish to a smaller tank, I just don’t know what to do to start. Can anyone help me? I have a skimmer and eheim cannister filter as well. Thank you!


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I would add a refugium (which can be just a simple in tank partition) with macro algae. Then kill the display lights and light up the macro algae in the refugium. The display algae will die off and the tank will be balanced and stabilized by the macro algae in the refugium.

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I just fix mine after neglected for several issues. I had the tank for 10 years ....
in any case I found out that the sand needs to be replace 100% and change some sand every 6 months
I clean up the rock very well, shake each one inside a bucket , then washed w water and Clorox then washed again
pressure clean each one and sun dry it for 3 weeks , (600 lbs ) I have or more . Yep a big job .
clean tank , and all equipment , and up and running . In a few weeks I will ad soft corals .