New Apartment!!!!......its time to move the tank (or is it)

Well, im all moved in...just one thing remains...MY TANK. 1 hour away and 75 gallon reef, i think i've got my plan of attack worked out, but i've been presented with an alternative. My dad has offered to purchase my tank from me, leaving me with a decision. Wad of cash for a new tank, or a already established system....that will be a pain in the a** to move. What do you guys think? If i got a new one it would be another 75 or a 90. Any suggestions on where to buy this if i go that route? ----? LFS? Opinions please


I do'nt know the answer to that question but i was wondering if the apartment was on ground floor? I HOPE IT WILL HANDLE 75 /90 my apartment i was pushing it with 55 about 600# i believe. just a thought.


My opinion, if your dad will maintain the tank and get enjoyment out of it, by all means let him buy it. Introducing another to the hobby is a great feeling. You can purchase a bigger tank or go with the same size and have the enjoyment of establishing it using the experiences from your other tank. HTH
I say take this as an opportunity to do all of the things you said you would do differently when you set up your next tank. Let dad have your old one and put together a new sweet setup. You can use LS from your old tank to seed your new one. If you get too excited go back home and look at the tank while you wait for the new one to come together.


I agree. Sounds like a great opportunity to start up another tank the way you wished you would've done it in the first place. Plus, moving an existing reef tank is a pain to say the least!


I am also in same situation I plan on moving this summer but I dont hjave the option to leave the tank behind so I have to go through the pain of moving it any ideas on how to do it without to much loss?