New nano 15 gallon how long does it take Caribsea oolite sand to settle in??



Hi, so this is my 1st nano 15 gallon saltwater tank and I was curious how long does it take a 10 pound bag of new sand to settle in? I have no equipment turned on or anything the salt level is all good. I am in no hurry at all I am just curious how long. I know in my 20 gallon it took about 8 days to settle but I am wondering if this will take shorter because it’s smaller amount. This tank will eventually be home to 2 clowns and something else and will have fake decor. Btw I am taking suggestions on other fish that could go with the clowns I do under stand the biload issues and this isn’t my first rodeo. I was thinking about a coral beauty angel cause I had a 3 and half inch one in my 20 gallon for 10 years before it decided to jump :( so i am curious if I could do that in a 15 with clowns and 2 times a week water changes. Thank youuuu!!
Coral wise I've made a lot of progress, I have a GSP, pulsing Xenia, purple torch, two zoanthids (that I've just picked up, one is a radioactive dragon eye frag, the other I'm not sure), some blue mushrooms, toxic green paly's, and a red monti. I also have some chaeto Nox Vidmate VLC algae.
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