New pics from me :) SPS/clams

zack schwartz

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HeyWell after awhile i finally gotton new frags and it's time to let them grow. The water is NOT cloudy as appears in some pictures. I have a 50 gallon with a 400 watt MH radium and a 15 gallon fuge. Been setup for 2.5 years. Hope you like.Gold teardrop:

Nice SPS

Green acro

Love the green polyps on this guy!

Nice frag rock

Very nice crocea clam!

Another cool clam, this guy is one of my favs!

Mostly left side of the tank

And for the last pic, a view from the right panal

Thanks for looking

zack schwartz

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I have a 400 watt MH over that 50 gallon. The teardrop was a REALLY good deal as our club ordered a ton from a suplier at a great deal of 30 bucks each :jumping: