New Pictures of Madeline


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So the last 12 days have been busy. Madeline has been keeping me busy and I'm still recovering from having her. This has been a rough recovery. I have some new pictures of her. Thought you all would enjoy them!


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wow she is really gorgeous and mrdc is right she looks really alert , sorry the healing is so rough on you my friend


I have NO I missed these updated pictures.....

she is beautiful Erica.....but she needs a Mommy's lil girl outfit too


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Thank you! She's absolutely amazing. I'm such a happy mommy!
I haven't really been on the computer much lately. When I'm not taking care of Madeline I'm sleeping. lol
Lois- She does have a mommy's outfit.... an OSU Cowboys cheerleading outfit. lol I have some sleepers with mommy's little dear and mommy's little girl on them. I also have bibs with I love mommy too.