New powerheads...hope is this will help


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As I've posted in a previous thread, I'm at the tail end of cleaning up a nasty algae, majano anenomes, red flat worms...where the HECK did all of that come from???
Anyway...majanos are pretty much under control...I saw 2 in the tank that will bite the dust tomorrow after work. The red flat worms are slowly dissipating with the addition of my 6 line wrasse...yeah, he's a hungry little guy and DOES work at it.
The hair algae...began when I got my new T5 HO light set up. To add to the situation, the LFS sent a guy out to put my lights on for me (free...yeah, free). Well, this guy also services SW tanks as a side business, and he took it on himself to reposition my powerheads to the back of the tank, clean up the tank from nuisance algae to an extent and pretty much just rearrange stuff. Since then my problems started, first red slime, then the hair, ugh!!! Last week during water change, I took the rocks out that I could and scrubbed them free of algae, but I have a LOT of rock that I can't get out. I did scrub those right in the tank with a soft brush and that helped considerably.
I just replaced my maxijet powerheads with 2 koralia 2s. My real hope is that this will help to loosen and get rid of the hair algae since I can place them exactly where I want them with the magnets and the flow is great.
Plan is also to do water changes, about 10%, every weekend on Sundays until everything is cleaned up. What do you all this a viable plan? Let me know. Oh yeah, 46 bowfront. I've place the powerheads, one on the left more towards the back, lower, and aimed upwards and one on the right, higher in the tank, more towards the front and aimed upwards.
Thank you!!


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not sure about your plan, but wanted to say Hi. I too am having problems with hair algea, not sure what I want to do to get it cleaned up.


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the flow will help with the cyano, but not the hair algae. r u using ro water? running a skimmer? one hair algae takes hold, its hard to get rid of. trying running chemipure elite or rowaphos, along with pulling out hair algae during water change. this process will take months, not weeks. as a last resort, u can get a dolabella sea hare to eat the stuff.