New Swf Order

pappa d

On saturday I recieved my SWF inverts package!!! YAY. it came with:
Scarlet Hermit Crab: 10
Blueleg Hermit Crab: 10
Nasssarius Snail: 10
Brittle Starfish: 2
Coral Banded Shrimp: 1
Emerald Crab: 3
Turbo/Astrea Snail: 20
Cleaner Clam - Limit 2: 2
My tank is so much more interesting to watch now! The only thing i wish were a little bit bigger were the nass. snails and blue leg hermits, but the scarlet hermit crabs are GREAT as well as everything else. The brittle starfish look awesome except for the fact i havnt seen them since i first put them in. I know they like to hide alot in the rockwork but do they ever come out? Also, I was watching my clams and it took about 45 minutes for them to do it but they pulled themselves under the sand and are completely under it now. is this normal? i had no clue they had the ability to do that, will they ever come back up? sorry for all my questions, its just kinda overwelming. I wish my starfish would come back out!!!!


my brittle star only really comes out at night or when i feed him. they love shrimp. just not too big.
also watch your blue legged hermits. if they decide they are hungry or want a new shell they will eat your nasssarius


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i had a cleaner clam and it is normal for them to dig into the sand and hide themselves. mine never came back up unless i dug him out.


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My Brittle stars only come out to eat and in the night, the rest of the time they are in the cover of darkness. I THINK that brittlestars might be the most underrated Invert. They are amazing not only for their cleaning and scavaging but they I swear are very smart and like octopuses, they have amazing control of their tentacles, they shoot one out to grab food with such precision, then roll in into their mouths, very very fun and a joy to watch, They will even "attack" my lobster and challenge him for food that he has very agressively, he will shoot out a arm and try to pull the food away. ha ha