Newbie 10 gal. Help appreciated!


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Hello! I am new to saltwater, and This forum. i am (hopefully) setting up a saltwater 10 soon, And am wondering what fish would work? I really like gobies, firefish are cool, my fav is diamond but I can’t have that in a small tank. Anyways, I have come up with the following: firefish x1, green banded goby x2-3, possum wrasse x1, and clown goby x1-3. I assume this stock is ok at best, so all help is appreciated!


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good stock, just remember that when you put substrate and decor/rocks in, your 10 gallons will actually be less than 10 gallons. You don’t want to overcrowd your tank because then thr fish will get stressed. 1inch of fish for every gallon!