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Hey my name is Ben, I am 14 years old and I have a 55 gallon tank which is saltwater. It has been up and running for about 2 1/2 months. I had 2 damsels but 1 got sucked up in the powerhead.
So now i only have 1. (I fixed it so the power head cant suck up any think else) I have about 15-20 pounds of live rock and I guess thats all i'm going to get because it is very high in price and I dont have a job. All my levels are good and my salt is fine. What would you guys think would be the first fist for me! I was thinking of a little clownfish. If I have to I will take the damsel back to the fish store.


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I would suggest if you don't have the money for LR that you find some baserock, it is cheaper and you really need some more rock in your tank. The baserock will become LR.
For an even cheaper alternative look up agrocrete on a search engine and you can make your own LR.
I would get rid of the damsel and put a pair of clownfish in.
benr - my first suggestion is to figure out what you want in the tank. Make a list of everything you want to end up with in the tank. Then eliminate all the fish that don't go well together. Then add fish based on leastt aggressive first.
I only say this because a clownfish is a type of damsel. So, you may not want to add that first unless you only want aggressive fish.
Why don't you post a wish list of the fish you want and then we can work on it from there.


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ok. This is want I want:
1 or 2 clownfish
1 or 2 yellow tangs
1 or 2 blue tangs
1 or 2 cleaner shrimp
1 flame angel
And maby a couple more that are nice.


You shouldn't put all those tangs in a 55. Sorry. but someone had to tell you.:rolleyes: Maybe 1 yellow tang and ditch the others.