Odd Ball Xenia.

I purchased a xenia today that was called "odd ball xenia". It is a metallic green color. The polyps have not opened up since putting in my tank today. I will try to see if it opens tomorrow.
My question is, does it need the regular care as say a pulsing xenia? I've tried google, but can't find anything on odd-ball xenia. The owner of the shop wasn't there today. Usually I ask him. He's actually a marine biologist and I have had much success with the fish and coral I've got from him. But the shop is 2 hours from my house, so I thought maybe one of y'all would know what I was talking about.


Doesn't look like any xenia I've seen. Did you figure out what it is? I think I have one like this too but I'm also not sure what it is lol