(off topic),,New Jimmy Buffett CD

mr . salty

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Hey,I just got the new one"Far Side Of The World"..His first release since starting his own label(Mailboat records).This is a cool CD.It's diferent from his past work with a more soulful sound.No "margaritaville",or "fins" here.This one Really highlights his story telling style.Mostly slow easy going stuff with an added bonus.You can load the CD into your computer and watch a LONG vidio of the title cut filmed mostly in AFRICA...Hard core JIMMY BUFFETT fans will really enjoy this CD,but I think Most others just wont get it...Can't wait to see him in chicago this year....


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Salty, Mr. Buffet is coming down to Montgomery to play during Memorial day weekend! I can't wait, Jimmy is the man! I think this is the first time hes been to Montgomery, he's been to Mobile alot (thats where he was born) Bo


Aaack! That name strikes fear into my soul :( My former boss used to play the "Margaritaville" tape ALL DAY LONG, 8 hours a day I would listen to that. Get at work at 7am and he'd be drinking rum and coke and blasting that damnable tape <shudders> Horrible horrible memories ;)


I really hope it is better than his stop the carnival cd he put out a while back. I bought and listened to it the whole way through and then went skeet shooting. lol :D