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Ok, David, here's your poll....I think I started a monster here, but........!
Lets not forget about our fish tanks entirely while ya'll help me out with my computer shopping! :D


I think is about as good a place to buy both computers and other computer related items as anywhere. They are in Miami, but have warehouses other places for faster shipping. :)


What kind of budget are you working with? I could send you a list of some of the top components that I use in my shop. You should be able to find a local company that sells the same hardware and get a good price. Also take into consideration the warranty when you are shopping for a new system. No less than 2 yrs. parts and labor.


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computers are really easy to build, however, if you arenot comfortable dong so, i would reccommend that you have someone else do it for you, but i do not jsut like the idea of buying a neme brand, often they are the ones that have the most problems, assembly lines and computer production should not go together,
dell and gateway although the most well known are not nearly the best adn their prices are often beaten by other shops, and they use the SAME parts(all of them get their processors from amd or intel, all video cards ae from ati or nvidia, and so on) these manufactureers do not use their own parts at all
there are other online stores that sell them too, if you compare apples to apples you cna generally do better, get one otehre htan a name brand, and have it custom built to your needs(wheter youdo it or have it done or buy it that way)


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Cant really save much money anymore building your own so I just buy the complete systems now.
You forgot HP in your poll.
We have a desktop and a laptop and both are top box quality.


I will toss in my bit here. Buy any of them, just make sure to customize it. Dont take off the shelf crap componets. Go for the better hard drive (not just a big one, but a fast one), get tons of ram and load up on a big vid card. You will be just fine


I have a Dell but only because I got it at a huge discount when my company ordered 2,000 new PC's. I added mine to the order list and got it for next to nothing.


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swtanks, what company do you work for? Where I work they did the same thing and offered discounts to people who wished to buy them.
I am kind of glad I passed on the dell deal though because many at work have had major hard drive crashes.


i like the sony vio myself,but it all depends on what you are wanting to do with it,it is a fast comp. great graf.good for internet and games in my opion :D


DELL BABY :D it doesn't get any better than a good Dell, try to get a refurbished Dimesion 8200


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If price is not that important, and you want a high quality laptop or desktop I'd go with a Dell. They're hard to beat if you want it to be around in four or five years. And all individuals for whom I've consulted to buy Dell's have been extremely happy. Even the one's with problems have had them resolved quickly and to their satisfaction.
Now if you want a can't touch Compaq. <img src="graemlins//mischievous.gif" border="0" alt="[Mischievous]" />


if price is important get a refurbished Dell, I got a PIV 1.9 Ghz, with 256MB Pc800 RAM, GeForce 3 Ti 200, dvd, 16x CD-RW and a 40 GB 7200 rpm hard drive for $1175 almost half a year ago!when it came it looked brand new, I almost forgot it was refurbished, and you still have the incredible Dell support
ps I work in software tech support so I know everything about computers :D jk, I just like Dells, get whatever you think suits you best, but definitly check into getting a refurbished Dell


check Circuit City
they have a clearance on PC
this is what they have offer
HP computer
P4 1.6 Ghz
40 G harddrive
233 Bus speed mother board
bla bla bla
for $699.00
I'm not sure they have that offered in your local Circuit City
well if they don't
check this out
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>
similar features, same price and it is a GetWhere
I would not spend any more then $800 for a computer now aday(monitor not included)
before this hoppy
I'm build computers for cash on the side
but my darnnn REEF hoppy keep me away
well I'm kinda tired from doing it.
Well how to pick a computer
same question when you ask newbie in Saltwater hoppy
what do you plan to keep?
same thing
what do you want to do with this new computer?
well if your answer is
Using Office (Word, Excel etc.)
Suffing the Internet
Play Solitari, Heart etc..
well then get about $500-$600 computer
if your answer is
all of the above PLUS
Kids playing game (14-18 years old)
Husband and Kids playing LAN game
then get about $600-$800
The diferent are on memory type, video memory type, speaker/sub woofer and MotherBoard bus speed.
I really like Broomer signature
Your Computer Your Choice


good point
but sorry for those whose are using Mac