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Had a plumber come to advise me on a possible sump pump installation, and he advised against it as I'm so close to a small river that floods he thought my water table might be just under my foundation (just had a flood in early march that came up from underneath after a snowy winter and subsequently a week of 2 heavy rains).He suggested I instead look into getting a 'skimmer pump' which I could have on the floor at my low spot, and next to it put an alarm for water. In other words, if we had an unusual amount of rain and water started coming in, I could turn the skimmer pump on and pump the water out through a hose. He said skimmer pumps can suction water at any level (ie they don't require a certain amount of water to work as most utility pumps do).Any idea where I could get one of these pumps online?


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First of all, welcome to the forums!
Second of all, your in the wrong forums.
This is a forum for saltwater fish keeping. Pumping out basements has nothing to do with this hobby. Also, moderators frown upon posting links.
Please stick around and look at some of the beautiful saltwater tanks we have on these forums and you might want to stick around long enough to learn how to set up your own saltwater tank!