Ok Cycle Question Help


OK my setup has been up about 2 weeks or so. Can't remember the exact day of start. This ticker is probably short, it was the first reference day I could find. anyways been monitoring, and it went through the ammonia and the nitrite. and nitrates were up.
Now the readings are
ammonia 0 ppm spiked to off the chart
Nitrite less than .25 ppm spiked to highest on chart started comign down 3 days ago
nitrate less than 5 ppm
Ph 8
Should I do a water change or wait for the nitrite to be 0, or could it just be wrong?
it is not quite blue but not purple enough to be .25. the nitrates came down from 20 ppm on there own. I am running a fuge 30 lb of live rock 25 lbs of live sand. Should I do a water change or just monitor.?

three boys

I monitored mine & levels went back down on their own. I 've heard that if you do a water change, it prolongs the cycle?? Don't know if it's true or not??