Ordering corals over the web sucks


I got him to agree to send the whole 25 heads. He wanted to send my rock back to me. I told him no that a deal was a deal. I asked 3 times to get a pic of the colony I sent him and no pic. He got it a noon and e-mailed me at 6 pm and said it looked great. So I told him I am not responsible because I don't know what he did to it between now and then. Also his story is never the same. It looked good, then he found several spiders, then it was 2 spiders, then the coral looked ok a few were opening up, then 5 opened up, now only 2 are opened up. I just feel like hes trying to pull one over on me. He said it looked like they got crushed, but he could have dropped it or it could have gotten knocked over. That is noticable immediately upon receipt of the coral. Plus it sat somewhere for an extra 6 hours at a lower temp. So I'll let you guys know how it comes in. I really hope good. I told him it needed to be triple bagged, heat pack, and cooler so he has to be in those guidlines.


I have yet to order anything from SWF.com as of yet. I have another tank in build mode, so soon I will start adding some and plan to buy from them.
I have however, ordered some from a major website in sunrise, FL. I have been happy with everything......except the actual size of the frags, which I thought were a little on the small side.
I have had 100% success in them.
The packaging job is excellent and the outcome is great. Plus they required a signature, so...now throws from the truck...

However, the only drawback is when my wife sees the bill


Ordering online has been a on again off again experience for me. I drive 150 miles one way or 250 the other to hand pick stuff. On line I await an arrival like a little kid at Christmas. Most of the time I get that "I must have been naughty" feeling cuase the coral does resemble a lump of coal. This just happened when a friend talked me into ordering frag packs of zoo's and mushrooms. We talked to the person and were promised if we each ordered a pack we would get all different colors. On the mushroom we split a pack due to costs, but were promised two "blue" ones. When the order arrived we had 2 bright green zoanthid colonies, 2 dark green zoanthid colonies, 1 brown, 2 dead, & 9 green and orange ones. We were supposed to get 8 shrooms with 2 being blue. We recieved 4 rocks with 2 shrooms on each and 4 rocks with "goo" on them. And the kicker was the super glue used to frag was still brand new, so were fragged and immediately shipped.
I have ordered colored this and that only to get brown and tan over and over.
I want to try to get a order from here, but online only I am told. Ihave tried to talk with a human being but still can't find a phone number to phone in a order and ask questions.
Moral of story - we addicts to this hobby are what made Barnahm & Bailey rich!


Well it mysteriously did not get shipped today. He did not have the time. So now I need to ship Friday for Saturday delivery which I am not comfortable with. I am going to Hawaii on 1-29-08 through 2-6-08 and I am not going to drag this out until 2-13-08. So I told him he could keep the coral I sent him and keep the AOG rock and pay me $140.00. Then he could sell his AOG rock for $140.00 and recoop the money he sent me. He thought that was outrageous. I thought that was fair. He finally sent me a pic There were about 30-40 Greenbay Packer zoo's on there that look 100% fine also there was about 40 heads of Lunar Eclipse palys on the rock. About 10-12 of the lunars look just fine, but some of the others are not looking to good, but it's been a week now since they left my tank. Also a bunch of the coraline algae on the rock died off and the rock had a good bit of sand on it. So I don't know maybe it got tipped over or something I don't know. So to ensure I get the 25 heads of AOG's in good condition I said I would either ship some other corals or refund his shipping cost to me if I get the AOG and I am satisfied. I think I am being more than fair since he's had this rock for a week and some of the heads a just starting to die off and disinigrate. I just want to make sure he does not ship these guys poorly or whatever. I'll keep you guys posted, but I am 100% sure that I will never order again from any on line retailer ever.