OT: HS Graduation


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Ahhh High School!! I enjoyed teachign it much more than I enjoyed attending..... not sure who would want to go back and have it be the same?? Awkward growth spurts, puberty, trying to figure out social behavior while taking classes and suppossedly having hte time of your life?? Of course I spent almost an entire year on pain killers .... football injuries .... I vaguely recall that year!!
Kickster - Keep you eye on the prize!! Try to find the omegakegger party @ KU .... not sure what it is called but it is a mini-woodstock!! Extremely awesome party!!


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thattl do it;) it is simple- if you have doubts well........ you cant live your life as a chicken- even living your life by all the rules gets old- the hard part is knowing how to bend and even break the rules without 1. getting cought and 2. knowing when enough is enough- establish you identity and morals- once you do live it to the fullest- it seems imparative that you do it in this order- if you screw up and find yourself in all of the confusion...... it can often be too late- :(


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definately go to the omegakeggar. i used to go up to KU every weekend to get blitzed. We introduced Kid Rock to Mary J. once when he came through for a concert a couple years back. Way skinnier in person. KU definately knows how to throw some parties.:D


Congratulations! I graduated from High School so long ago, i can barely remember it!! I recently blew off attending my 35th reunion! Guess I'll hold out until the 50th!:D
Seriously, I've been very impressed with your knowledge of the subjects we discuss here and your mature approach to answering questions and joining into the many debates we've all enjoyed. Carry that attitude with you as you move forward with your education and you can't go wrong! Keeping that good sense of humor handy won't hurt anything either;)
All the best!!


eh...high school....it bored me...only been out a year...college is fun tho, if you go to the right one...
enjoy bro...
been thinkin about marine biology...either that or computer science, i'm not sure what i'm gonna major in this fall...