Out of Control Agae, Help!


I need a cocommendation on a good fix for out of control slimey brown agae and hoped someone would have a recommendation. I have close to 20 snails in my 55 gallon reef tank and they can't seem to control it. I have corals, lr and other inverts like shrimp and anemones so I need something that won't harm those. Thanks!


Try and determine the cause of it first. Go out and get a phosphate test kit and see where you are at. What type of water are you using for water changes? This is usually a good factor for algae. Overfeeding can sometimes cause increased phosphates as well. Just determine the cause and attack that. Sometimes water changes will do wonders.
...not for nothin' but yeah...check your phosphates and see where you go from there...it just really depends where the main location of the algae is...on l/r...in or on l/s...glass...etc??? :confused: