Outer Orbit Light ????


I bought an OuterOrbit 1079 with 3-250 watt lights.
My question is does all the halides have to be in for them to work?
Do they take some time to power up?
The local pet store has a huge tent sale every year. I picked this up for $175.00. The 3 ballast were still sealed new in the box. The light was in the original box, but one of the halides was broken. I removed the broken bulb and glass. Everything else looks good. It's missing one timer, but for the price I don't think I could go wrong.
All the other lights are working, so are the fans.
I've gotta get back to work, I'll check back later.


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all the bulbs should be on seperate ballasts. as for the time it takes for them to light, mine take about 3mins to start to fully burn. but I have an industrial ballast, so not sure if that is normal or not


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awesome deal...i have the 2x250mh and 4x54w t5..and im very please with it...im using the 14k pheonix bulbs and very happy with the color...they fire up right away but takes a couple min. to fully light up...


I got the new bulb and pulgged everything in. The moonlights, T5's and all the fans work. The fans on the ballasts are running, but after 5 minutes the halides still don't come on.
Any suggestions?