Pics of my 180 photo intense dial up beware


Hey Gang,
Its been awhile since I have been active on this board. Last I was on here about a year ago I had a 90g. Then got a 300 and sold it before setting it up and now my 180g is a few months old.
180g AGA megaflow
3-250w 14k Coralvues
2-72" VHO URI actinics
2-1" seaswirls
1-ampmaster 2700
15g top off tank
2- Won heaters hooked up to medusa
Now let me see if I can post some pics
Gmen aka ..umm your "lil" buddy:D

Hes recovering from shipping

diy sump apx 65 gallons


Member do I attach more then one pic
I have used the attach button but I can only attach one pic. How do you link in multiple pics on this site. I tried to use the format but didnt work here.


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Pics need to be on a website somewhere, rather than just uploaded from your computer.
Nice setups there.....and, your right, poor me I still operate with dailup. AGONY.


I use photobucket to hold all my pics. I use this on another BB and it works using the img format so if I want to put more then one pic in a post what format do i use?
thanks for the nice words too


11517 posts...dude you are crazy
so what size tank are you getting? If I could do it again I would look into glasscages making me a tank I love the 180 but I think that I would like a 72x30x24 just 6 more inches wide would be nice.
well have a good weekend gang!....heres a pic of my new buddy



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Now that's a kissable face. :D

:nervous: um Im married ....oh you mean the dog...yeah his breath smell like poo poo but hes a good boy....
Kip thats awesome...when are you getting it? I guess you are picking it up here in raleigh? I always wish i knew someone with one of their tanks


lol yeah if i wasnt moving a 365g 12x24x24 next buddy is getting this tank from another friend of mine so this is the second time i have to move this thing...well its going to take about 10 of us the nice thing about my 180 is 2 people moved old 300 well thats another story that thing was 800 lbs..ouch


Kip, Yes its 1/2" dont get me wrong it was heavy. It took 4 of us to bring it into the house. Then me and my buddy put it onto the me when its your tank you find some hidden strength so you wont drop it. When you get your tank please post pics or email them to me...but Im sure everyone would want to see pics. Plus I really want an honest opinion on glasscages.
Kip pretty much explained their purpose. They are real nice but some what over rated. The big thing I like about them is the really move some current. Now they will only do as much as your return pump is doing. I have apx 1300 gph going trough each seaswirl
Jb rekit
thanks as you all know its a work in progress but Its nice to have room to add.

jb rekit

Mine looks pretty empty right now. Had a nice full 75 and moved into a 180, guess I have pleny of room to grow as well.


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Originally posted by gmen
:nervous: um Im married ....oh you mean the dog...yeah his breath smell like poo poo but hes a good boy....

You gotta love puppy breath. You have to because they love to lick you.:D

nm reef

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Welcome back and have a pleasent stay...great pics. Looks like you have a very stable and mature system...congradulations. The purple tang looks extremely healthy...I've been considering one myself but just can't convince myself to add one with my hippo and kole.


scotts yeah his breath is kicken'
That purple use to be in my 90g so hes been around for awhile. A friend of mine held him in a 120 for about 8 months for me. I think hes glad to be home. He is a tropper.

yes thats basically what it is...just an expensive powerhead that takes care of a lot of dead spots and IMO are easier on the eyes then tunze streams but Im not sure if they are as effective as the tunze. They are not submersiable they hook on with brackets..
I also havent had any problems with these but have heard of the motor burning out.
you may also want to look into ocean motion. I have not used these but have read positive reviews.