Haha, I too have a ER and wet/dry system XD. I currently have a yellow tang, purple tang, naso , 2 mated maroons. I'm thinking about adding another tang, any suggestions? *180 gallon tank*


if you love tangs like, i do... get the the sohol or pbt. they look so nice swimming, especially when you have the right lighting. it brings out the color of your fish. overcrowding is really not a problem, imo... with the amount of fish i have in my tank. you would think i'm having problem keeping water perameters in range. the tank is about a year old and i've never had any problem with with water perameters. I did have an outbreak of ich for awhile, but added a uv sterilizer, do regular water changes and within 3 weeks, ich was completely gone. I am planning to set up a 300g within a year or so. most of these guys are going to there.
you should be more concern with the yellow or purple not get along with the new addition. how big are your tangs? maybe go with a bigger tang.



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Was that a butterfly in there. I thought butterflies were not reef safe?

Some butterflys are reef safe. I have a long nose butterfly in my tank he is wonderful my favorite fish. I mean there are some other butterflies too that are reef safe but you're looking at VERY expensive.
I love the sohol I had one till he and my Gold Rim fought and killed each other hahaha that sucked big time. Sohal's are by far my fav tang. That sucks you lost your chevron those are WAY expensive tangs, but very beautiful.


Nice tank. and love your tangs. I too have a few tangs in a 125 but have done so for over 4 years now. at this point the tank just sits and the fish continue to grow.. there is a whole social layer to the tank and at this point i've decided not to change anything fish wise. oldest fish in the tank at roughly 4 years is the hippo tang.


calvindo can you state exactly what you have in there down to the last snail/ hermit crab....
ill be waiting because it may take a while lol

bill f

Does anyone see a problem with sohal and a clown tang? Is it shape color or what that make them aggressive?
I have a clown, naso and convict and would love to add a sohal. That's in a 180 not my 90.