pink tip haitian anemone


my pink tip haitian anenome has been in the tank for a week now and yesturday it looked great. it has a tomato clown hosting in it and it was fine yesturday. but today i put the lights on and it is all deflated! it still has its bright orange foot down though, but its tenticles are small and limp. what could have caused this?? is it gonna be ok?? my water is fine and my lighting is fine too...the only thing is that since i put it in,,,,it hasn't really been in the light kind of attatched itself to the bottom behind a rock and it is definately not the best place to get light...but i thought it would move itself if it wanted to look for more this true?? please help out...thanks!!


Has it shrunk since it started acting as a host?
My Clarkii "loved" its first atlantic too death by constantly squshing down into it and stealing the food from its tenticles.
It is now doing the same with its replacement. When left alone, the anemone starts filling out again, when the fish is in it ...thin and stringy tenticles?
Is this what is happening with you?
If so, I am thinking that since it is not a natural host (Pacific fish with Atlantic anemone), it may not know how to put up with the fish constantly going in and out.
My unscientific thoughts.


Things to consider.
first of all during the nocturnal phase many aneomens will shrink, deflate, bunch up a little, until the lights go back on. This can be normal unless it stays shrunk for several days.
In my opinion it normally takes 2 weeks for an anemone to acclimate to its new suroundings.
I have no way to tell you if it will be alright because I don't know what your lighting is and I don't know if your water is fine.
It will move if and when it wants to but I suspect for now it is still acclimating, your lucky if it is attached to something, many of them just tumble around.