Pistol Shrimp Spawning?

I was in a rush to get to work this morning and quickly turned the lights on in my aquarium. I almost walked away, but something caught my eye. There was a HUGE swarm of something in the tank.
I ran to wake up my husband and we stared at what looked like Sea Monkeys (?)! They were small, but bigger than a cocopod. Probably about 1/4" long. They were mostly clear with large black round eyes and were strong swimmers. They were obviously attracted to the light. They really reminded me of the sea monkeys that my neice's daycare keeps. They seemed very baby shrimp like, but I have limited experience with this.
I only have LR in my tank with oolitic sand bed and a LS bed in my refugium. I did get a lot of critters with my LR such as crabs, snails, mantis and pistol shrimp. I think that this was because I got a couple of 40-50 lb chunks of rock (pretty big). I have a visually confirmed pair of pistol shrimp under the largest rock. After doing some searching on the web for what this could be, the closest desciption that I could find was a Peppermint shrimp spawning.
Could this be pistol shrimp babies? Might they live? I have NO fish in the tank yet.
Any input would be appreciated.
PS What would I do with more pistol shrimp. I already have three!:rolleyes:


They probably are pistol shrimp babies, don't worry, my cleaner shrimp spawn constantly, and I don't have any extra cleaner shrimp in the tank after two years of this. Niblets for the other creatures in there :)