plants brought flys indoors


I brought my plants in for the winter. They have these little gnats, that keep using the soil to reproduce. now my apartment has lots of gnats!
is there anything i can to to kill them?


I use raid home and garden on my house plants..BEFORE I haul them back inside for the winter! I dont like the spiders that come in!


i'm a landscaper and work at a plant nursery.... the thing i would recommend especially if you live in an apartment is insecticidal soap because it doesnt give off a strong chemical smell and unlike most other chemicals it isn't toxic to animals and if you get it on you it isn't bad for you. you could buy it at any plant nursery or home depot. some place like that. it won't kill the ones allready flying around but if they are still on the plant or there are eggs it will kill them


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LOL we had the same thing at our house!! They are fruitflies. The reason that they are so difficult to get rid of is they reproduce a whole new generation of viable adult fruitflies every 8 hours!!! :scared:
Geneticists use fruitflies in experiments due to this alarmingly fast reproductive cycle, and also because the fruitflies come in two very easily-distinguished varieties: redeyes and whiteyes.
To get rid of them you have to make sure that you throw all food containers and aluminum cans, etc in the trashcan OUTSIDE the house. Even a small bit of jam on uneaten toast can be a breeding ground. Also, flypaper works wonders for getting rid of the adult ones.