Please Help Me 330 gallon leak

OK, Im going to get right to the point my 330 gallon has sprang a leak after the silcone got old and seperated. abOUT 150 GALLONS RAN OUT INTO MY NEW FLOOR!!!. But, im over that right now i have all my fish and rocks safe for a limited time in a 55 gallon spare i had. Can anyone tell me if it is possible to fix the tank without taking it down??


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Possibly... if the leak is in the upper part of the tank and can be dried to re-apply the silicone.. but I would always be nervous of that tank from then on with the other old silicone :(
Well, i think possibly the rest of the silcone will be fine. But, i will admit i kinda let the tank go downhill a little bit because of finances but i should have payed more attention to the tank cause i could see it was bowing a little but i thought it was nothing. Then the top support broke then 2 weeks later sprang the leak. So i belive it would be fine to resilcone the area first then build a support for it. I just wanted to get some secound hand advise.


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I've never worked with the glass and silicone -- hopefully someone here has and will give better advice. I've only worked with acrylic -- but redoing the support and silicone should work IMO -- just no experience there.


I tried to fix my 55qt. I did everything text book in terms or repairs and it leaked again. IMO once a leaker, always a leaker


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I didn't know glass bowed??? That is scary, I thought that only happened to acrylic tanks.
What, do they just get old one day and that happens???
Well im going to try to cut that side of the silicone and add a wood support to it and see what happens thanks for the advice.