Please Talk me into a tank


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i dont care if its made by vera wang. its wood and nails, a few hinges and varnish.
paying for a brand name when it comes to somthing like a stand is silly IMO becasue tank resale value is less then half in most cases. i'll agree you should never buy a cheap partical board stand. i was just shocked to see the price you would pay for a stand an hood. i have seen some super fancy stands that cost half that. sounds like you pay alot for the name. i have seen the tank and it does look good but dang. lol
i saw your trying to sell it in another board i think but i assumed it must be alot of live stock and corals for the price to be what it is. i would not have thought it was because of the equipment. different strokes different folks i guess. gl to ya.
back to the subject at hand


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You've got to look at what your buying as well, in 15 years my stand will still have its value when the no name one will be worth next to nothing. Also its like a woman buying LV products...they're buying a name...not the bag. Simlar thing with tanks as well...I bought a name. But with that name comes quality and its known for it. I buy expensive things,...i dont like buying something to find out that its a junk...when you buy a brand name like Clear For know your getting a quality product. And besides its a jaw dropping set up. My theory is if you have money...why not spend it