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Did your cube tank come with the bioballs and did you use them in your set up?


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My tanks came with foam filter elements and ceramic "bio balls" and have three chambers. What I have done is put live rock rubble in a sock for the first chamber, a large amount of the ceramic balls in a sock in the second chamber and have bought and cut better quality foam filters from a course and much finer foam for the third chamber. For my weekly maintenance I pull the sock of bio balls and the foam elements for a quick rinsing, while leaving the live rock rubble alone, which does most of the filtering IMHO. Lots of other ways to set your system up and the way I do mine would not be good if I did not do weekly rinses on them, but I don't mind because it only takes five minutes per tank and there never really seems to be a lot trapped in them.


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Thaks this points me into some good starting directions.
what's a good fish to water ratio?

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It is important to chose the right fish...what you start with will dictate what you can add later..saltwater fish are very territorial. Some don't get along with other fish the same color or shape, others fight over the same food needs, and some are just mean and don't get along with anything else...so stay away from damsels. They are very pretty, and cheap, but very aggressive, and will even bite you to the blood when mature.
I am recommending the best buy I ever purchased when finding the right fish. I am including a page so you can see the info the book offers. It is small enough to put in a pocket and take with you to the LFS..It will save you lots of money and heartache....