Product Review: Visi-Jet Protein Skimmer


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Reviewer Name: gmann1139 (Greg)
Date Reviewed: 2/7/09
Product Name: Visi-Jet Protein Skimmer
Date Purchased: 12/2007
Approximate Cost: $35
Features: Flow-Meter, able to run inside DT
Benefits: Cost
Pros: If you are desperate for a skimmer, have no room outside of your tank for a skimmer, extremely cheap, and don’t care about results, this may be the skimmer for you. But if not, I would save up your money and buy something that will actually work.
Cons: See pros.
Tips and Tricks: Getting it to run correctly requires real precision, and keeping your water level absolutely the same.
Mods: It comes with a couple of options, but it is too low-end for real mods
Variations: none
Personal Opinion: While the Visi-Jet has the distinction of being the only skimmer I know of that is able to sit right inside your tank, and dazzles with words such as “Turbo Venturi” and “built in flow meter”, it is definitely an example of “you get what you pay for”, and since it is pretty much the cheapest skimmer on the market, what you get isn’t great.
I personally went through two of them, using the first one as parts to keep the second running. I finally gave up and took it out, because I was spending too much time tuning the output, without seeing significant effluent to remove.
Recommend this Product? Not if I want to sleep at night
Product Rating: 2
SWF carries: Negative