Protein Skimmers


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I'm looking for a hang- on protein skimmer for my 40 gal.I've been looking at the Prizm and the CPR Bak Pak 2.Which one of these would be good for me?Or if you know of any other kinds of hang-on skimmers I can go with.

mr . salty

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The backpak is a good skimmer,but if you don't need the bio filter then I would reccomend the prizm.Alot of people have been VERY happy with them...They are also really resonably priced...


You could also check out the skimmers made by Aqua Clear Aquatics. I have had no problems with mine at all. You can contact aqua clear aquatics at their website by the same name, and send an e-mail about a local reseller in your area and they will hook you up.