Puffed UP FAT toadstool>>

My toad stool has never done this before.. BUT today I saw it like this.. What is it doing?? If its Pooping , I will be embarrased that I asked! LOL
Thanking you kindly, Kim
LOLOL.. If I were a guy (coral),WINK WINK... I think I would have have gotten * chubby too... LOLOL
No, anyone, really???
Thanks Kim
:D :D :D :D :D :D


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Looks fine to me....mine contorts into some weird shapes from time to time...I don't know what yours looked like before, but anyway.....looks fine.:)


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To me it looks like its just going through a growing spert. When they do that, they really tend to change shape alot. It looks healthy to me. :D


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mine has done a lot of growing around the base. it is attaching himself to his new home, maybe thats it?


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Originally posted by KimKissyFish
I think I would have have gotten * chubby too

LOL you said chubby....:D
You toadstool looks fine BTW