Okay, I hear way too many things and well I just want someone to clear things up for me.
I have a 100 gallon display, and a 29 gallon sump. I currently have some kind of coarlife skimmer that I have no clue as to how big it is or anything, the actual skimmer has nothing on it so I am wanting to buy a new one. I was going to go with a Reef Octopus maybe the NWB-150.
The pump that I do have is a Quiet One 1200 and some other kind that I know is 2000 litres per hour so that is about 528gph. I am wanting to get some new pumps so I know things are going to last. With that being said I am thinking for my return pump I am going to need something that can handle 1000gph + so I was thinking about a mag-drive 12, good or bad idea?
What are your suggestion's as to what to get for my set up?