Purple BTA F/S

I went and did something stupid today because thats the way I am. I went to the local guy because he said he got some Magnificant Magnifica's in. I should have just stayed home. I couldn't pass this up for the price and the size. The biggest kicker is that I sold my 92 corner and I have to consolidate that also. I have another Magnifica in there but its nowhere as nice as this one is. I would like to get a 100 for it plus shipping because these aren't that easy to come by and hardly ever seen. The picture doesn't do it justice either because the tentacles have a greenish tint to them and the tips are yellowish.


if you still have it by the 14th i will take i been looking for one, but that's when i will have the funds, what would be the shipping to 60466
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Is it the tentacles purple or pink?
It was sold to me as a Purple and it looked kind of pink in the picture. It is starting to get darker and it has a purple and at the same time it has a greenish tint to it. I have it under 2X250 15K HQI bulbs so i don't know what it will look like under different lighting.
I just read my own post and you are right it doesn't make sense.
I am selling the anemone thats pictured above which is a BTA.
The Mags I am keeping.
Thanks man.


Technically it is a rose BTA I have seen it and it is awesome looking. lol
Oh sorry there i go again,,,lol


WHAT!!?? Your selling my anemones twin!
How am I gonna keep up.
I can't believe your selling that thing.
The closest ID found, for those interested, is a BTA or a Entacmaea quadricolor
, as far as being "rose" that's simply a color name. It does have the yellow tips.
Fishy PA does yours have a red or a tan foot? My LFS just got a bunch in and they all have a tan foot. Mine is red.
Well you see I went a little overboard.
Actually I just dove right in the water.
I ended up selling my 92 and all I have is my 120. ( For the time being)
. If read the above part I went and did something stupid. I just couldn't say NO when I set my eyes on them. I now have 2 Mags and the BTA in the 120 for now.
I would like to keep it but the new lil fellow is the size of a volley ball. If I get my new tank before I sell it I will just keep it.
It has really changed colors on me though. It doesn't inflate like it did before either buy extends like crazy during the day.
I know everyone considers a BTA that is close to red a Rose but its not. These come from a different area and they are nothing like a rose BTA. You have to really look at it to see the different colors even with the actinic off.
Mine has the pinkish foot that is spread into 3 different rocks and the neck stretches out about 8 inches.
Here is the new lil fellow