Purple Lobster Killing Fish?


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I've got a purple dotted lobster i believe is eating fish at night.
I have had a high finned goby about 1 1/2, watchman same size,
a lawnmower blenny 3- 4 inch, and a domino 1 inch all die. I've had the lobster in the tank since day one, my Fuzzy Lion is still well intact. The fish are usually dead in the morning be eaten by a emerald or be picked by a shrimp.Every time a fish is dead i check my water and no noticeable differences out of the norm. Any comments or ideas would be greatly appreciated.
Calcium 450 - 500
Nitrite 0
Nitrate 20
Ammonia 0
Salinity 1.026
Temp 79


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Yeah, they'll eat fish.
No first-hand experience, I was warned off for this exact reason.
I believe they also get quite big, probably from all the fish they eat.


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No personal experience either but when I was wanting to buy one of my buddies told me to stay away from them. They sure are pretty, but sneaky little devils.


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Thanks for the advice, guess I shouldn't have got it. I'm gonna see if my local shop will take my lobster back.


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yups its your lobster, I've got a tiny slipper lobster in my 30, and hes killed and eaten one of my scarlet cleaner shrimps, and one of my goat fishes. So knowing that Simply feed him a half a shrimp or so, he takes it happily! Unless you feed him directly, theres simply not enough food that will fall to the bottom with fish in the tank.