Quarantine New Clean Up Crew?


I am in the hobby 2 years and almost quit in the first year because of problems with ick. Have had no problems in over 1 year since I started to QT and hypo all new fish. I have had some die off of snails and crabs over time and am thinking about buying a new crew. I think I should QT them as well, though obviously not hypo. My question is do others QT new inverts and how long can inverts survive in a glass bottom QT? I'm thinking I should QT about 5 weeks, just like fish. My 20 gal QT has 2 Chromis to keep it cycled and has a few fake decorations, but no live rock. What should I do to help the inverts survive?


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Since you wouldn't be treating the inverts, just keeping them in isolation for 6-8 weeks, it would be better if you had a separate QT, that catered to them. Some sand, some established live rock, etc.


I have read that some people dont quarantine the inverts as they dont get ick. Some people will qt them to make sure they are ok. Just make sure if you do, there is enough live rock and algae for them to survive.


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If the inverts have hard shells, then QT for 2 weeks. Otherwise, no need.