question about feeding

so i have a couple of lps corals and i am new to feeding them. i feed them at night a homemade batch of food. it's clams, fresh tuna, fresh swordfish, scallops, and shrimp all blended. the corals are fed with a turkey baster. when feeding everything goes right the corals put out their tentical things and the food sticks to them all nice like. but they never contract them until i turn the powerheads back on. but when i turn the powerheads back on some of their tenticles and food are ripped away from the corals. how can i prevent this? or is this just natural?


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how long do you give them to eat? i leave my flow off for about 30 minutes.
they usually have it consumed by then.


ya some corals eat real slow, my plate and sun coral are fast but everything else takes far longer. try leaving ur power heads off longer. feeding most LPS is just like a watched pot never boils


I make Eric Borneman's coral food recipe and add a bit of that with whatever I'm feeding the fish in the evenings.


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Tuna and sword fish are both really oily/fatty fish use caution not to over feed those as they can affect water quality VERY fast.