question on Ick


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how to treat ick without putting copper in?

If you don't want to medicate your main tank, you've got to have a quarentine tank set up capable of holding and treating all your fish. All the fish must be removed, and no fish should be added back to the main tank for at least a month. as for treating your fish, I've always used a formalin/malachite green solution with great success. Fish can handle copper in low doses, but it's easy to mess up if you have little experience. most of the available ich medications are pretty simple to use. Place X number of drops per gallon. Just make sure you repeat the treatment a couple times with a water exchange in between treatments. Also, don't feed the fish during the initial treatment, and only sparingly there after until they are back in your main display tank. Sick fish generally don't feed well, if at all, and most people's quarentine tanks are significantly smaller than the main tanks and can't handle the normal load.