questions about upgrading 55gallon to 120gallon


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I have a 55 gallon FOWLR tank that we have had set up for a little more than a year. Its doing well. I recently purchased a 120 gallon tank. My question is this. Can I just move everything to the new tank and add water and be good, or do I have to set up the new tank from scratch, letting it cycle etc?

My other question is I have a box of rock (not live) I was going to use, can I just add that rock to the new tank or does it need to be added gradually?

Thanks for your help!


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Use a couple of pieces of live rock and a little sand from the 55g to help seed the 120g. Just be careful not to stir up the sand when you take it out of the 55g and take it from one small area.

Just a thought.


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Agreed. If your putting new sand in the 120, seeding it w old is a good idea. But if u plan to use all the sand from the 55. You will have to let it cycle and stabilize again