questions for aquac remora owners


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hey guys got a coral life super skimmer that just plain sucks, leaks around the ajustment nob hard to adjust bubbles etc.
thinking of getting a remora w/the 800 pump (my tank is 46 gal.)
how hard is the remora's to clean? as access to the back of my tank is limited.
thanks in advance.


I have the Ar pro, and the only thing i clean is the collection cup. I have cleaned the pump once,(need to do again).


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I just purchased the Remora C...very easy to sticks up above the tank and its a clear collection cup...although it square, you can also attach a hose to drian into a bucket or something...great skimmer, from reading everything though, go with the maxijet, not the rio.


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it's seriously the best thing since sliced bread...I've had all types of HOB skimmers and I finally made the jump to a Aqua C and I've been a raving fan ever since!
Don't even think about it another moment...Buy it...if ya don't like it....let me know I need another one lol!


I took the majority advice from the folks on this forum about the AquaC Remora and I just love mime. Yes, it works awesomely. I love it. In fact, I bought the larrger en Aqua C EV series for my larger tank.
Go with the Aqua C Remora, you will not be unhappy.