red bugs? or no?, if not, what then?!?!


OK i'm loooking in my tank, and i see these little BLACk things on the superglue that all my SPS frags are on, they arent on the ones that are encrusted(that i can see) they are also on my monitporas, are they red bugs? they arent red, but they are VERY small, way smaller then a grain of sand, what i have in my tank.
1 Larryjackson purple tipped acro. (not on, has encrusted)
1 red/green mille (not encrusted, on)
1 lime mille (not encrusted just got, they are on)
1 pink/blueish mille (starting to encruast, just got, they are on)
a frag of my pinkish/purple Monti cap (on the supperglue)
Mystery yellow acro frag (not encrusted, just got, they are on)
Green monti digi, on the supperglue that is re-maining)
i can see them moving around, but thwey arent on any of the corals, and if they were they would only be on a little part where the glue meets the coral. andf i thought red bugs didnt go on montis???just acros?


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My red bugs didn't touch any monti's and they only picked certain Acros. AND they were very obviously red, not black. May be something different.


ok they are definitly black, not red bugs or flatworms like someone else thought on another board, i was lookign at them on th glass (by the sand) and they are little black things with leggs, so not flatworms.