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Anyone else on here ref socce ri did it for the first time and made 54 dollars for stickin a flag in the air for three hours not bad if u ask me:thinking:


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Do you have to know anything about the game to be a ref? Judging on what I've seen at some of my son's little league games a few years back, I would guess not. :notsure:

nm reef

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I've never been a soccer ref but I did umpire baseball on the high school level for many years. Made a few bucks doing something I enjoy...not a bad deal at all.


Ive been reffing for 4 years and yea it is easy money. $15-$20 an hour isnt bad. But is xtremely boring. This year i missed the recertification for my license so im not doin it this year. But the LPS said once i turn 15 theyll give me a job there. So only 4 more months until i start makin money agian and updating my tank.


I manage my youngest son’s soccer team and my oldest plays on the high school team so I have seen many games. Being a ref for the younger kids (U11 and below) does not look bad but, as they get older the more intense the games get. My youngest plays for a U12 team and when it comes to tournaments it can get pretty heated at times. I amazes me at how some of the parents act.
I get just as excited as most at games but I have not come close to loosing my temper like I have seen some do. I have seen a couple that have almost come to blows. Parents need to learn that the way they act is teaching their kids to act just like them.