Rekindling my saltwater fish passion with my kids


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Hi everyone- I had a FOWLR 180G tank for abut 10 years ... about 15 years ago.

I am going to get my son his first tank (huge ocean fan) and re-ignite my passion for the hobby as well. I am looking to minimize some of the overall maintenance by purchasing an all-in-one kit (with the appropriate add-ons/upgrades as required).

Starting with tank, I am looking at the: Fluval Sea Flex Saltwater Aquarium Kit - 123 L (32.5 US gal) - Black

I prefer the Fluval over the 32 G: Coralife LED Biocube Aquarium LED

My budget is going to be around $500 for the tank.

Does anyone have any experience with the Fluval Sea Flex?

General thoughts would be much appreciated.



Good luck to you. I’m also in you position of rekindling my saltwater passion from years past. I can’t give any advice at this point other than to say Ive heard the tanks with rounded corners like the bio cubes may be difficult to clean - but I cant substantiate that.

I’m also opting for an all in one tank, the 40 gallon Recife.

best of luck!