Responsible aquarist vs responsible vendor


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Come on people it’s a business does anyone hear the sound of a cash register. At the end of the day its how much money is made not how nice a guy you are. If people were not looking for fish that are imposable to keep the LFS would not stock them. We the customer drive the market. It is our responsibility to research not the store owners responsibility to educate.When I go into my LFS I am looking to make a perches not get an education. It is my responsibility to understand the needs of the livestock I buy. To walk into a LFS and buy something on impulse without knowing anything about it. is irresponsible
Ultimately that is the case.


I agree defnelty, i have 2 LFS near me and im buddies with one of them, and they always argue both stores about fish. For example, the one lfs that rips everybody off, by what i mean by ripp off, powered blue tang 150 bucks, voltian lion 120. Says oh blue tang will be fine in a 55 and they have easy care level, while the other goes powered blue tangs are very difficult i wouldnt recommend getting one they belong in the ocean.


I use to go to a fish store that wouldn't sell you fish until you told them about your set up and better yet they wanted water samples if you were new to them, it was run by a husband and wife, but as they got bigger and hired new employees they lost there caring touch, and finally went out of business