RO vs UF

Looking on the web I find RO filters waste about three times the amount to get the useable water needed, going through all this I came across UF filter. I can't find anything on the web about RO vs UF. By what I'm reading both are grate and do a very effective job. Will a UF filter do the job I need it to do for my saltwater tank and get the bad guys out of my tap water, I would hate to waste all that water any thought or experience with both filters would help thanks


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I read up on them.

"Ultra Filtration" system. Removes everything down to 0.2 microns.

Unfortunately, some particles in water are much smaller than that - or need an ion exchange to completely remove it from the water.

Catalytic carbon will remove chlorine, chloramines, some ammonia, medications and some Florine from the water. The RO membrane rejects even more chemicals, like nitrates and phosphates. And to finish it off, those elements that cannot be removed through a membrane go through a deionization chamber, which removes even more TDS.

So if your asking is one filter good enough? My answer is no. Get the RO/DI unit and don't waste your money on a drinking water filter.