salt water


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how long can isit my salt water in my mixing tank with a powerhead and a heater? will it start to cycle on its own?


as long as its a bar tank it wont cycle,i dont think theres a time limit to for use either.i used to mix my salt in a 55 g tank sometimes the water would sit for month or longer before use.the only thing i did not like was after so long white gunk would form in the water, but i was told it was harmless and from room light.if i was to mix water like this again,i think i would use a rubbermaid trash can with lid.

salty cheese

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A bar tank! Where can I get one of those.:D
I keep mine in a rubbermaid can with the top on upside down so it doesn't have a tight seal, in the past when it was on tight it would make the water smell stagnant, don't know if that bad or not but I'd rather be safe than sorry.