Sandbed and PVC


Putting a 4-5 inch deep sandbed in my tank however to support the LR from sinking into the sand I'm going to use PVC piping. I was wodering what size pipe I should use.


Good question but it boils down to two things. First how huch lr. and 2nd. how much total weight. If there isn't going to be that much weight you could get by with 1" schedule 40 pvc. If there is going to be quite a bit of weight you could use 1" schedule 80 pvc. The 40 has a thinner wall then the 80. So more or less the schedule 80 will be more stronger than the 40. Hope this helps you out.;)


If the sand is fine sand I dont think your rock would sink to far, unless your worried about digging fish.


If you are starting up a new tank, I would add the sand, then the water, about 1/2 to 3/4 full, and let it set for about a week or so, then put the LR in, you should not have a problem with it sinking too much. The sand kinda packs itself with the water on top.


IMO I think you should cap of the ends of the pvc pipes, this would prevent any unwanted ditrus to build up in the pvc pipe.
also you could add some sand in the pipe to weight it down
good luck
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