Sharks and a trigger in a 100g


I'm going to be setting up a 100g tank. i want to get two sharks and a clown trigger. Will this be ok?


LionFish says.....
Well, what I've heard about sharks is that they need to have a tank 3 times bigger then them. If you had 2 and most sharks get to be 3 feet long or longer then you would need a much larger tank. You would probably need a 150 gallon for 1. If you wanted 2 you would need something like a 300-400 gallon tank. The trigger thing might work but I've heard that some triggers will chew on sharks because they have cartilage(not sure of that).


I live in FL and it is illegal to release into the ocean.
Bamboos are okay for a 150 cranium, but definantly don't mix the trigger in. Try something a little less. Now at my lfs our bamboo is in with a lion & a dogface puffer. All three are handfed animals, really cool, and no probs together. Oh, yeah, a snowflake too.