Shy Butterflyfish

michael r

I recently purchased a Pearlscale Butterflyfish.
I've had mine for almost 2 weeks now, and she's still very shy. Nobody is bullying her. She's always out when we're not around the tank. But as soon as she sees us she darts right back into her cave and stays there until we are a safe distance from the tank.
Her shyness was preventing her from eating for a while. I'm sure she was interested in the food, but she'd rather starve than face me! I added some freshly-opened clam in front of her cave and she took to it within a few minutes. I saw her eating because I hid
She's now eaten two whole clams with the help of her tankmate Solar Fairy Wrasse.
My concern is whether or not this behaviour is normal, and what exactly I could be doing to help the Butterfly get more used to us people.


this is fairly normal behavior for any new fish. keep making sure that the fish gets food. give the fish time and it will get used to the fact that you aren't after it.


I picked up a pearlscale early last week. its just now getting comfortable in its new environment. My sailfin didn't like the new pearlscale at all, It was a full scale all out attack on the newcomer. I set a divider in the tank for 5 days which separated them.
Once i took the divider out, everything's been ok. the sailfin is a bit pushy but the pearscale is defending itself now. Sometimes when i first approach the tank, its hides but will come back out right away.
Pearlscale also hides when i do this....

As long as the pearlscale is eating, its all good...