Sick Clown.....


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.....I think

Hey all

I have a 65g talk. Levels seem to be good. But I have one clown that looks like it has gotten smaller, his color is pailer that his other clown pal in the tank. He stays at the top of the tank and is now swimming sideways. I fear this may be the end of the little guy. Other pals in the tank are a Royal Dotty Back and a Cardnal.

Any thoughts on how to get this little guy back to normal?



is there any other symptoms? rapid breathing, scratching, twitching or other physical conditions?
how long has the fish been in the tank, was it qt? is it eating?


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Please provide more details about your tank, size, specific water readings, what you are using as filters and circulation, etc. Also have you noticed aggression with the fish? How long have you had the fish?