snail breeding n shell


Are snails able to breed with them selfs? i cant remember the name for it.
because i have a baby snail.... it has no shell tho does this grow in time or will i need to get it one?
for the size of it i would say its about 2-3 weeks old n its quite chunky for a new born.
I saw it on the back of my tank last night before i went to bed.
I was like wtf is that white thing! had closer look n it was identical to the snail right next to it with out a shell.. at mo it' s starting to look like quazzie with a big lump on it's back lmao


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i'm pretty sure most snails are like this but i don't know about every snail. i know apple snails for instance need another to help them breed.
maby an expert on saltwater snails can help more. i'm just an expert on freshwater snails